Tuesday, 28 February 2017

SISI SEWA:The Memoir of a Single Lady (Episode Five)

Continued from Episode Four

I could feel a great fire burning between my thighs and I was ready to be consumed by it when I heard a voice calling out softly to me. I thought I actually heard my dad begging me to stop what I was about to do. I instantly opened my eyes to check if he had actually walked in on us even though I knew that was an impossibility. He was no where in the room and I suddenly remember his last words to me on the day he found out about Tee. Boy. He had said “you can have a boyfriend but never but guard your virginity. Never give it to any man until you are truly and convinced that you are ready to let go.
Shit! I cursed. This feeling was too good to be stopped. Tee. Boy was already leading me to his own room . He had his left hand circling my waist while the right was carefully placed on my neck. Our lips were stilled locked as if they were never going to be separated forever. I could also feel his man hardened against my body and he didn’t fail to rub it on me probably to tell me what I was doing to him.

We finally found our way into the room and he gently laid me on the bed. He was on top of me and kissing me everywhere he dimmed fit. Before I knew it , his hand had found its way under my gown and was walking its way up to reach my boobs when I suddenly jerked up like someone being bitten by an ant. I quickly pushed him off me gently and hurriedly got off the bed. I stood in before him arms akimbo and asked “what do you think you are doing? Haven’t I told you that I wouldn’t have anything to do with you till our wedding day? What has come over you?

I haven’t gone farther than this when he also rose to his feet. I should be the one asking you that. What do you think you are doing? You are wicked, He yelled at me. I am wicked? How? I yelled back. You don’t know? How would you? Do you think it is easy? You come here all the time with wrapped gifts for me. yet you wouldn’t even allow me open to see what they look like not to talk of touching them.He said. I became more confused with my mouth widely opened to show how confused and amazed I was. What are you talking about? I asked him again.

Well, if you don’t know,I would help you. You come here every time flaunting all these goodies ,set me on fire and leaves me hanging. He explained point continuously at my boobs . Baby, you know that I love you and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I know I promised to marry you. I have never and would never go back on that. Its either you or no other girl. Why don’t you let me have a taste of what you have in stock for me? a taste is all I am asking for ,nothing more.

I must confess to you dear people that I was totally lost for words. It all seemed like a dream to me. Tee Boy? What has Lagos done to him? I asked no one in particular silently. When I finally found my voice, i called his name softly. Tayo, you know that I love you too and you mean so much to me. if you really love me as you claim,you will be patient . I promise not to give it to any guy except you. You know we both still have a long way to go. The university is still waiting for us. What if I even get pregnant . I said holding his hands.

I was silently praying that he would change his mind about having sex with me. And like magic,he said okay that he was going to be patient with me. Do you know that he even begged me to forgive me for breaking his promise? I couldn’t believe my ears and thought he was going to change his mind because while his mouths said those words, his J.T was actually saying a different thing. Omo,go was still standing like a soldier on the parade ground and threatening to burst out of the short he was caged.  Hmm, that was how I left for our house that day unscathed and happy that I was able to persuade him.
My joy of being able to ‘tame’ Tayo’s hunger for sex was cut short three days later when I went on another visit to their house. I stood at the door for only God knew how long before tapping the door gently as if the woody material was going to be mad at me for touching it.
He looked so happy to see me again when he opened the door and immediately pulled me into a hug and I also warmed up to him. I expected him to set me free the moment we went into the sitting room. But lo and behold, my bobo wouldn’t let me go. He held on to me tightly as if his life depended on it. His hands began roaming my body and he whispered into my ears.
               “Baby,you are so hot and beautiful. Please let’s do this thing nah. I can’ t wait again. I want you so bad. Can’t you see? I promise to be gentle enough for you to ask for more.”
              “ Leave me alone Tayo. I am not ready to do this.” I replied.  

I expected him to leave me like he did the last time but instead he was pulling my skirt. I didn’t know where the courage came from. I gave a resounding slap hoping to get him to free me. He refused o. He simply continued his mission of tugging at my skirt. I thought of what else to do and a thought flashed through my mind. I bit him on the chest. He yelled in pain and lost his grip over me.
His eyes were red with anger and I was expecting him to pounce on me. I started weeping when it dawned on me that I had actually bit more than I could chew. I have heard so much about how girls were raped. 

To be continued....

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Show me your friend.

 Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,says a popular adage. So many of us go into friendship and all other forms of relationships and associations without a clear and deep understanding of the personality of our supposed company. It is pertinent to know that though your journey begins with destiny,but the end will be determined by the company you keep. The kind of company one keeps has a long way to determine one's limit because your company will either raise you ,erase you,make you or break you.

Don't be surprised that many people suffer not for the evil they did,but for the company they keep. You are not an armed robber or someone who specializes in cyber crime but the only people you move with are such that make such devious practices their sources of income. Have you ever given it a thought that when the long arm of the law catches up with them ,you may not be spared? The law at your plea may not see you as a partaker in the crimes ,but you may be punished as an accomplice or for failure to report the criminals to the law when you are fully aware of their practices. Many people have served and are still serving jail terms not because they are criminals but because they have criminals as their companies. So many people have met their untimely death because they were in the wrong place among the wrong people when the agent of death came calling.The holy Bible sheds more light on this in the book of Proverbs 14:7 which says that whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Destinies survive only in the atmosphere of good company. Evil company corrupts good manners. The role of keeping a company cannot be overemphasized because no one can actually survive without a company. No man has what it takes to stand in isolation. A life lived in isolation is already being prepared for suicide. Isolation is a next door neighbour to suicide,failure and all forms of sicknesses. Those who stand alone may have all it takes to fight alone but when they fall ,they fall alone. Iron sharpens iron. Being a foreman is just a title,no one can perform the task of four men. But you need to choose the right company so that having them around will be worthwhile. Don’t run from frying pan into fire.

Therefore dear readers , don't just surround yourself with just anybody because you want to fight isolation. Surround yourself only with good companies. They will help you get to your right places and positions. They will leave you better than they met you. They will not leave you alone till you are better. They will give you the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of giants. The late Benson Idahosa once said that anyone that lacks who to inspire him will expire. I believe you know what is done to expired goods. May you not become expired before you realise that you worth more than rubies.
Finally, it is important to know that attitudes and lifestyles are formed from the companies we keep. You need to ask yourself certain questions about the company that you keep. This will enable take stock of their influence on your life. The following questions will guide you:

Does he/she encourages me to keep the laws of God? Psalm 1:1-4
Do I feel fulfilled after hanging out/around them?
Does his/her life and actions have a negative impact on other people?
Am I inspired by them to succeed/ do they encourage me to do more? Prov.14:7
What have I gained/lost since I started being friends with him/her?
What do people say about them?
Can I boldly show them off as my friends without the fear of being condemned?
Can I hang around them without the fear of danger? Proverbs 22:24-25
Are they jealous of my success?

Sunday, 19 February 2017

SISI SEWA: The Memoir of a Single Lady (Episode Four)

Continued from Episode Three

He could see how confused I was. And as if reading through my thought,he continued.” You see , the life of a girl is like a flower. Nobody will appreciate nor pluck it until it buds. Not even the insects would patronize it. But as soon as it starts to bud and displays its full beauty and colours with the nectars carefully secreted in it ,all the insects came knocking at its door to explore and suck their own share of the juicy nectars. They don’t give a damn about the stress the gardener had gone through to nurture it to maturity. All they want to do is satisfy their urge while the flower remains empty. I still did not understand what he was talking about.

The moment a girl start to fill up in the right places and her beauty becoming more pronounced ,boys and men start swarming around her without being invited. And their sole aim is to have a taste of her juicy nectars not minding the dangers she is likely going to be subjected to. And if the girl in question is not careful enough ,she would be swept off her feet with their sugar-coated mouth. They would promise her heaven on earth ,even marriage. But a girl while enjoying all the attention must leave all her senses widely opened so as not to fall prey to their sharp teeth. Are you ready to become a mother now? He asked.No sir. I answered.  Ready to live with STDs ? No sir . I answered again. You like being a single mother like your aunty Kike? No sir. I answered again." ( Auntry Kike is his younger sister who had gotten pregnant at the age of seventeen and had no man to claim the child’s paternity and she has been catering for the child all by herself with little help from her family). 

" I will urge you to be careful. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t have a boyfriend because I know that would amount to deceiving myself. All I would say is that you should be wise enough not to fall prey. And no matter how a man claims to love you, no sex should be your motto. Don’t jeopardize your future. And when you are confused, you can always run to me for help. You can go. He said finally”. I left his study with a bowed head and managed to say thank you sir. Am I ready to leave Bobo Tee? Oh God! I was very confused.

The following day was a Saturday and as usual , my dad left home early for the gym. Unknown to me,my mum was still not satisfy with the fact that daddy didn’t allow her handle me in her own way. Immediately he left, she called me into their bedroom and guess what? She asked me to take off my clothes the moment I stepped in.
 ” Why mum?” I asked. A resounding slap was her response to my question and before I could say Jack, she topped it up with another one.” Pull off your clothes now,she thundered”. I quickly obeyed without any protest. Her slap is better imagined than experienced. You think I would tolerate your wayward way like your father? Nonsense ,she said”. The moments the clothes came off, she started beating me with one of my dad’s leather belt that I didn’t know she had placed carefully on the bed. She gave me the beating of my life while she threatened to drag me out and show off my naked body to the whole estate.

She had successfully dragged me into the compound and about to open the gate when my daddy ran inside. He had heard me cry. ‘What are you trying to do?” He asked her. Trying to teach her a lesson of course,she answered. Then you must be out of your mind, he answered her. I have never seen the two of them argued . Will you leave the girl alone or you will have yourself to blame,daddy commanded . She finally set me free at his command. I could personally see the anger in his eyes and I was afraid of what he could do to her that moment. At that instant , every thought of leaving Bobo Tee vanished and a
 new wave of courage crept into me and I vowed never to let go of him. The worst she could do is to strip me naked ,isn’t it?

Fortunately for me, Bobo Tee’s brother got transferred back to Ibadan after six months. Is this how God answers prayers?  It was indeed an answered prayer. I narrated everything I went through because of our love to him the day we reunited. He consoled me and asked me to put the blame on him. That was how we picked it up from where we left.

There was this particular day I went to visit him. And as usual,he hugged me the moment I stepped into the sitting room. His brother had gone out. He planted a kiss on my forehead and later proceeded to my neck. By now, I could feel a tingling sensation all over and my body welcomed every bit of his touch. His lips left their initial place and crashed on mine and I opened up to him as if on cue. I could feel his member hardened against my body as he pressed me harder to himself.

What could he be up to? I asked silently. Tayo,I called his name softly amidst my own moans with my voice barely audible. What ,he whispered. What are you doing? I asked. And instead of answering me, he stopped dealing with my body and looked at me. The way he was looking at me; eyes all over my body, gaze plastered on my boobs made me shiver and I was afraid my legs would cave in from the sexual paradise he had successfully built in me. And my v***** was not helping either.

   To be continued.
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017



Nature! Nature ! Nature ! 

You’re the most beautiful thing I ever seen

The most passionate mother of all times
You care so much for the children of your breast
You provide them with rain in due time
You give food in abundance
The green vegetables from your bosom flow in abundance

Oh Nature!
All the comforts of life you provide for your own

The free oxygen
The sunshine to rule the day
The moonlight to give light in darkness
And the magnificent stars that laced the sky in the night

Oh nature, you are beautiful!
Many inventors have tried to replace you
They try ceaselessly to provide comfort and luxuries
But you surpass them all

Oh perfect comfort provider!
The creatures of the earth
In the sky and on the land
And a host of others
All look up to you for their food
Which you gladly provide

Oh nature, the cheerful giver!
Oh my nature!
You are incomparable
And your beauty is immeasurable
And I couldn’t but fall in awe of you till the end of time.

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