Wednesday, 15 February 2017



Nature! Nature ! Nature ! 

You’re the most beautiful thing I ever seen

The most passionate mother of all times
You care so much for the children of your breast
You provide them with rain in due time
You give food in abundance
The green vegetables from your bosom flow in abundance

Oh Nature!
All the comforts of life you provide for your own

The free oxygen
The sunshine to rule the day
The moonlight to give light in darkness
And the magnificent stars that laced the sky in the night

Oh nature, you are beautiful!
Many inventors have tried to replace you
They try ceaselessly to provide comfort and luxuries
But you surpass them all

Oh perfect comfort provider!
The creatures of the earth
In the sky and on the land
And a host of others
All look up to you for their food
Which you gladly provide

Oh nature, the cheerful giver!
Oh my nature!
You are incomparable
And your beauty is immeasurable
And I couldn’t but fall in awe of you till the end of time.

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