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SISI SEWA: The Memoir of a Single Lady (Episode Four)

Continued from Episode Three

He could see how confused I was. And as if reading through my thought,he continued.” You see , the life of a girl is like a flower. Nobody will appreciate nor pluck it until it buds. Not even the insects would patronize it. But as soon as it starts to bud and displays its full beauty and colours with the nectars carefully secreted in it ,all the insects came knocking at its door to explore and suck their own share of the juicy nectars. They don’t give a damn about the stress the gardener had gone through to nurture it to maturity. All they want to do is satisfy their urge while the flower remains empty. I still did not understand what he was talking about.

The moment a girl start to fill up in the right places and her beauty becoming more pronounced ,boys and men start swarming around her without being invited. And their sole aim is to have a taste of her juicy nectars not minding the dangers she is likely going to be subjected to. And if the girl in question is not careful enough ,she would be swept off her feet with their sugar-coated mouth. They would promise her heaven on earth ,even marriage. But a girl while enjoying all the attention must leave all her senses widely opened so as not to fall prey to their sharp teeth. Are you ready to become a mother now? He asked.No sir. I answered.  Ready to live with STDs ? No sir . I answered again. You like being a single mother like your aunty Kike? No sir. I answered again." ( Auntry Kike is his younger sister who had gotten pregnant at the age of seventeen and had no man to claim the child’s paternity and she has been catering for the child all by herself with little help from her family). 

" I will urge you to be careful. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t have a boyfriend because I know that would amount to deceiving myself. All I would say is that you should be wise enough not to fall prey. And no matter how a man claims to love you, no sex should be your motto. Don’t jeopardize your future. And when you are confused, you can always run to me for help. You can go. He said finally”. I left his study with a bowed head and managed to say thank you sir. Am I ready to leave Bobo Tee? Oh God! I was very confused.

The following day was a Saturday and as usual , my dad left home early for the gym. Unknown to me,my mum was still not satisfy with the fact that daddy didn’t allow her handle me in her own way. Immediately he left, she called me into their bedroom and guess what? She asked me to take off my clothes the moment I stepped in.
 ” Why mum?” I asked. A resounding slap was her response to my question and before I could say Jack, she topped it up with another one.” Pull off your clothes now,she thundered”. I quickly obeyed without any protest. Her slap is better imagined than experienced. You think I would tolerate your wayward way like your father? Nonsense ,she said”. The moments the clothes came off, she started beating me with one of my dad’s leather belt that I didn’t know she had placed carefully on the bed. She gave me the beating of my life while she threatened to drag me out and show off my naked body to the whole estate.

She had successfully dragged me into the compound and about to open the gate when my daddy ran inside. He had heard me cry. ‘What are you trying to do?” He asked her. Trying to teach her a lesson of course,she answered. Then you must be out of your mind, he answered her. I have never seen the two of them argued . Will you leave the girl alone or you will have yourself to blame,daddy commanded . She finally set me free at his command. I could personally see the anger in his eyes and I was afraid of what he could do to her that moment. At that instant , every thought of leaving Bobo Tee vanished and a
 new wave of courage crept into me and I vowed never to let go of him. The worst she could do is to strip me naked ,isn’t it?

Fortunately for me, Bobo Tee’s brother got transferred back to Ibadan after six months. Is this how God answers prayers?  It was indeed an answered prayer. I narrated everything I went through because of our love to him the day we reunited. He consoled me and asked me to put the blame on him. That was how we picked it up from where we left.

There was this particular day I went to visit him. And as usual,he hugged me the moment I stepped into the sitting room. His brother had gone out. He planted a kiss on my forehead and later proceeded to my neck. By now, I could feel a tingling sensation all over and my body welcomed every bit of his touch. His lips left their initial place and crashed on mine and I opened up to him as if on cue. I could feel his member hardened against my body as he pressed me harder to himself.

What could he be up to? I asked silently. Tayo,I called his name softly amidst my own moans with my voice barely audible. What ,he whispered. What are you doing? I asked. And instead of answering me, he stopped dealing with my body and looked at me. The way he was looking at me; eyes all over my body, gaze plastered on my boobs made me shiver and I was afraid my legs would cave in from the sexual paradise he had successfully built in me. And my v***** was not helping either.

   To be continued.
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