Tuesday, 28 February 2017

SISI SEWA:The Memoir of a Single Lady (Episode Five)

Continued from Episode Four

I could feel a great fire burning between my thighs and I was ready to be consumed by it when I heard a voice calling out softly to me. I thought I actually heard my dad begging me to stop what I was about to do. I instantly opened my eyes to check if he had actually walked in on us even though I knew that was an impossibility. He was no where in the room and I suddenly remember his last words to me on the day he found out about Tee. Boy. He had said “you can have a boyfriend but never but guard your virginity. Never give it to any man until you are truly and convinced that you are ready to let go.
Shit! I cursed. This feeling was too good to be stopped. Tee. Boy was already leading me to his own room . He had his left hand circling my waist while the right was carefully placed on my neck. Our lips were stilled locked as if they were never going to be separated forever. I could also feel his man hardened against my body and he didn’t fail to rub it on me probably to tell me what I was doing to him.

We finally found our way into the room and he gently laid me on the bed. He was on top of me and kissing me everywhere he dimmed fit. Before I knew it , his hand had found its way under my gown and was walking its way up to reach my boobs when I suddenly jerked up like someone being bitten by an ant. I quickly pushed him off me gently and hurriedly got off the bed. I stood in before him arms akimbo and asked “what do you think you are doing? Haven’t I told you that I wouldn’t have anything to do with you till our wedding day? What has come over you?

I haven’t gone farther than this when he also rose to his feet. I should be the one asking you that. What do you think you are doing? You are wicked, He yelled at me. I am wicked? How? I yelled back. You don’t know? How would you? Do you think it is easy? You come here all the time with wrapped gifts for me. yet you wouldn’t even allow me open to see what they look like not to talk of touching them.He said. I became more confused with my mouth widely opened to show how confused and amazed I was. What are you talking about? I asked him again.

Well, if you don’t know,I would help you. You come here every time flaunting all these goodies ,set me on fire and leaves me hanging. He explained point continuously at my boobs . Baby, you know that I love you and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I know I promised to marry you. I have never and would never go back on that. Its either you or no other girl. Why don’t you let me have a taste of what you have in stock for me? a taste is all I am asking for ,nothing more.

I must confess to you dear people that I was totally lost for words. It all seemed like a dream to me. Tee Boy? What has Lagos done to him? I asked no one in particular silently. When I finally found my voice, i called his name softly. Tayo, you know that I love you too and you mean so much to me. if you really love me as you claim,you will be patient . I promise not to give it to any guy except you. You know we both still have a long way to go. The university is still waiting for us. What if I even get pregnant . I said holding his hands.

I was silently praying that he would change his mind about having sex with me. And like magic,he said okay that he was going to be patient with me. Do you know that he even begged me to forgive me for breaking his promise? I couldn’t believe my ears and thought he was going to change his mind because while his mouths said those words, his J.T was actually saying a different thing. Omo,go was still standing like a soldier on the parade ground and threatening to burst out of the short he was caged.  Hmm, that was how I left for our house that day unscathed and happy that I was able to persuade him.
My joy of being able to ‘tame’ Tayo’s hunger for sex was cut short three days later when I went on another visit to their house. I stood at the door for only God knew how long before tapping the door gently as if the woody material was going to be mad at me for touching it.
He looked so happy to see me again when he opened the door and immediately pulled me into a hug and I also warmed up to him. I expected him to set me free the moment we went into the sitting room. But lo and behold, my bobo wouldn’t let me go. He held on to me tightly as if his life depended on it. His hands began roaming my body and he whispered into my ears.
               “Baby,you are so hot and beautiful. Please let’s do this thing nah. I can’ t wait again. I want you so bad. Can’t you see? I promise to be gentle enough for you to ask for more.”
              “ Leave me alone Tayo. I am not ready to do this.” I replied.  

I expected him to leave me like he did the last time but instead he was pulling my skirt. I didn’t know where the courage came from. I gave a resounding slap hoping to get him to free me. He refused o. He simply continued his mission of tugging at my skirt. I thought of what else to do and a thought flashed through my mind. I bit him on the chest. He yelled in pain and lost his grip over me.
His eyes were red with anger and I was expecting him to pounce on me. I started weeping when it dawned on me that I had actually bit more than I could chew. I have heard so much about how girls were raped. 

To be continued....

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  1. Sewa, I pray that you escape being disflowered this second time. Why did you even go there again?


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