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Sex and Exchange

DISCLAIMER:This is to formally announce that articles on #Sexfied is BASICALLY AND STRICTLY for people who are of age(18+). READERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. It is not to promote porns or sexual immorality. It is to plead for ABSTINENCE. PLEASE BE GUIDED. Thank You.

No one has ever died from lack of sex.

Exchange in its simplest form is an act of given something to gain another. It can also be said to mean the loss of one piece to capture another.

So,what do we exchange during a sexual intercourse? I know you are thinking or probably saying that what kind of a dumb question is this Busayo girl asking. Is she a learner? 

Well,it will interest you to know that I’m not a learner.*winks*

Well,I know we exchange bodily fluids(saliva,semen,sweat) when we get down. Wow! So what we exchange kind of falls within the alliteration family. Are asking me what an alliteration is? You didn’t learn Literature in your high school? Abi,you are one of those who skipped classes?*Tongue out*

Lemme help your career sha being a nice girl that I am. Alliteration is the repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of two or more words succeeding each other at short intervals.

But on a serious note, not many of us pay attention to who we share our intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual, physical and emotional debris within the other party. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura are entwined with yours.

Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into their lives.

I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be. Lisa Chase Patterson
Sharing intimate energy is more than an exchange of bodily fluids and emotions. It is the transfer of the whole you: personal energy, emotions, physical health, and mental sharpness. Your connection to everybody (including your SOUL) and all that makes up YOU is incorporated with your energy body. And it is important that you keep it healthy.

When you have sex with anyone, your energy body merges with their energy body. It doesn’t matter if it is out of body ecstasy sex , physical sex, oral sex , a kiss or even a hug anytime you are intimate with another person (or people) you absorb their energy and they absorb your energy.

If you have sex with positive, loving, uplifting people that wonderful energy is absorbed and uplifts you. If you have sex with negative, pessimistic, unstable, depressive people, that energy will have you crashing down and interfere in day-to-day life.

Keep in mind that if a person sleeps with a variety of people, he or she absorbs everyones energy. A married man or woman has absorbed their spouse’s energy and will mix it with your energy if you are the other man or woman.

So the next time you jump into bed with someone ask yourself if they are the kind of person you want to become.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Women's Reproductive Right

 Women’s reproductive rights should not be seen as a priviledge or favour, but a fundamental human right.

I was in total shock when I heard of her death and I couldn’t stop myself from weeping. Yes ,I wept at her demise and I still do internally whenever I remember how she died, pass by her shop or come in contact with her children. Wondering who I’m talking about? 

Well, she is the woman from whom I used to buy pepper when she was alive. She was so hardworking, funny, and down to earth. She  was welcoming in her disposition as well that you would not think twice before buying from her even though there were others selling the same thing close to her shop. I can still remember her funny way of questioning me whenever I didn’t patronize her in a space of two weeks. She would say “Aunty Busayo, e fe ki n jeun abi? Sata mi o ta to ni abi mi o ki n fisi nto? Mo ti mo nkan ti maa se fun yin. Maa ko wa sile yin ni kele mo pe e n febi pami nigba te rata lowo mi.(Aunty Busayo, you want me to starve? Is my pepper not hot enough or the extra I add is not enough? I know how to deal with you. I will move into your house so you will know that I am starving because you have refused to buy from me).”  She would go on and on in her beautiful Ibadan accent.

I was very curious to know what could be the cause of her sudden death. And this made me go asking from her neighbours at her shop. The answer I got was a shocker. I was told she died from child birth complications. Child-birth what? Was she pregnant? But she already had six children,I questioned my informant. Her response this time was more shocking and this is where I am drawing the basis for this write up. I was told she got pregnant again because her husband wasn’t satisfied with six children. He felt she didn’t want to have more, either because she was financially better than him or having an affair. He therefore threatened to destroy her business by going diabolical and even marry a new wife should she refuse to have another child. She had no choice or so she thought than to give in to his demand. She was delivered of her baby through a Caesarian Session after which rose complications which later led to her death while the baby remains alive. 

I learnt that the surgery spot burst open days after she was discharged from the hospital and she ended up bleeding to death. Nothing done at the hospital when she was taken back there was enough to keep her alive.

The woman from my narration above is just one out of the numerous women that have lost their lives or damaged for life in that manner all in the name of satisfying the desires of their spouses. I know many people may be asking why she gave in. You can even say it is ignorance and lack of self-love. It is also easy to judge her with her literacy level. Who says the learned women are not suffering from the same phenomenon. What if she had refused? Would she not have been tagged a bad wife who wants to be equal with her husband? How about the cultural and religious beliefs of the land that mandate a woman to always do the bidding of her husband with little or no consideration to how she feels about it or what effect it will have on her well-being. She is the one that must submit always without questioning.

Shouldn’t it be the decision of both parties in a marriage on the number of children they want to have? Why can’t a woman decide on the number of times she wants to get pregnant and experience labour pains and every other thing associated with child bearing? Some of these men will go as far as fighting their women dirty because she is on a family planning method as they see that as a means of having affairs. But when deaths occur after the woman might have subjected herself to such,the man will be still be living and enjoying his life. Tell me any act of selfishness that is greater than this.

Woman,when will you take charge of your life and destiny? Why will you cut your life in its prime because you want to satisfy a man? Will he not marry another woman as he threatened when you are no more? Will it not be better to have a rival and share the man than to lose everything to her as a result of your death?

I think it is high time the men and the society at large recognize the fundamental women’s reproductive rights. She has among many others the legal right to decide the number and the frequency at which she wants to have kids. She must also have access to information and means to do so. It is time we stop seeing women as just an instrument of child bearing. She is a woman,not a manufacturing machine. Even machines have their limitations that when you go overboard,it breaks down and refuse to satisfy your greediness.

 Fellow women should also stop being enemies to their counterparts especially in-laws. It is not strange seeing women and most especially mothers-in-law waging wars against their daughters-in-law because she’s refused to birth more children. The issue of women’s reproductive rights shouldn’t be seen as one of ‘their cries for gender equality.’ And statements such as the one made by Martin Luther where he said that “if women die in child-bed, that does no harm. It is what they were made for” will no longer be condoned. Enough is enough! We are not made to die in our prime because we want to satisfy the greediness and selfishness of some men,culture or religious belief. We have the right to life.

By giving a woman freedom to decide how many children she wants and when to have them,we can improve better not only their lives ,but that of her entire family,community,the state and the nation at large considering the daily statistics of maternal mortality rates especially in the developing world.

Woman, you are free to choose a reproductive life devoid of violence,coercion and discrimination.


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Friday, 21 April 2017

Amazing facts only women with big boobs will understand

Hey ladies! Are you a ‘big chested’ lady like me?  Hmmm! Only you can understand these amazing facts about having big boobs that I am about to share.

Big boobs are like colourful balloons: they are fun to look at and play with,but  once you have them,you realize that they are a lot of responsibilities . Virtually all ladies say they want them,but the ones who have them will always try to convince them otherwise. Guys love them too. The rate at which guys are crazy and swoon around women with big bust is no joke.  A guy once told me that they are an anti-death therapy when they are sucked.

 I know people find it difficult to believe how something so beautiful can be a great challenge. But hey,they truly are! Wait until you hear from us busty ladies why having big boobs isn’t really that great.

 Well,they are awesome and great in so many ways,but awful in so ‘so’ many others. 

Let me share these amazing facts only ladies with big boobs will understand.

    1. You can spend a whole day in a bra shop and still return home without buying any. And that itself is enough to send you into a download self-hate.

2. We are over selective in choosing our clothes. Button up shirts are a turn off for you because you will either have to buy beautiful one and hold the gape together with a safety pin or buy a size too big  that just looks like you were dashed by Goliath. 

3. Our sizes are mostly available only in unattractive colours. We are not after the sexiness of the bra when we go shopping. Our only concern is if it will give your girls the needed lifting and when we do find cute bras,they don’t fit right.

4.Your self –esteem as a lady with a big bust suffers a great deal because you often hear heart wrenching comments most especially from guys when you are in public.

5.We become embarrassed when guys stare endlessly at us.

6.You wish you can have a breast reduction and may even save towards getting it done.

7.You surf the internet looking for natural ways to reduce your cup size without going under the surgeon’s knife.

8.Wearing two or more bras is no big deal for you while going out and during exercise as long as you have the desired lifting. Yet, that isn’t enough to hide your twins.

9.Pregnancy and motherhood 'scare' you because of how big they are likely going to become.

10. You’ve at least once cried and even blamed God for giving you such an enormous task in the form of boobs in the fitting room and in your room while dressing up. 

11.You resent hugging people because you know they will definitely feel your boobs pressed against them and if the receiver is a male,you already know what is going on inside of him. He’s probably thinking of sucking them dry. So,you would rather not hug them or go for a side hug.

12. You wish your boobs are perky. But let me burst your bubbles,big boobs cannot be perky except they are FAKE.

    13.The first thing you want to get rid from your body at the end of a day is your bra. The relief it brings is second to none.

    14.Your bras are four times the price of other bras. You are the ‘big girl’, you can do shakara.
    15.They become our main identifier. When someone can’t remember if they met us or not,people say, “you don’t know Dorcas,the one with the big boobs? And the other person will be like, Oh,poor me! I remember I have met her”.

  16.Strapless bras do not work for us. They make our boobs look like a mountain moulds.

   17. Boob sweat is another big challenge for us.

   18.People often ask stupid questions about our boobs. 
         Questions like: “Does every girl in your family have big boobs? Are they heavy? No, they are as light as a piece of paper.  Are they real? No, they are not. I folded some clothes and put them in a bra. Mtchwww!”
   19.We have to hold them while running and any kind of physical activity cause detrimental damage.We feel safer that way.

So, be sure you can cope with all the aforementioned before you wish to be on the big cup size category. And for our men,now you know what your lady go through for having those fountain of pleasure you are so crazy about.

This list is not explicit. If you are a Miss Endowed like me, feel free to add yours in the comment box.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sex and Energy

DISCLAIMER:This is to formally announce that #Sexfied is BASICALLY AND STRICTLY for people who are of age(18+). READERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED. It is not to promote porns or sexual immorality. It is to correct misconceptions about sex and enlightens about sex. PLEASE BE GUIDED. Thank You.

Today is another Sexified Wednesday. Are you ready to get sexified? And to all the sexified people wey send mail,una do well ooooooo. But una go do wella wen you put am for comment box.

Still on the matter of defining sex o using the acronyms, I will be talking about the connection between sex and energy using the second letter of the word 'sex' itself. 'E' for Energy. Enjoy the ride.

From my knowledge of elementary science, energy is described as the ability to do work. It is also the ability to exert effort for the accomplishment of a task. It is that one thing that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work and can be converted in form,but not created or destroyed.  The Thesaurus online dictionary defines energy as the capacity for vigorous activity; using the available power to perform a task.

Synonyms for energy: Vigor,drive,effectiveness,fortitude,muscle,stamina,strength,zeal,virility and toughness .

Energy is required by all living things to live and function. It is the force that drives live.  Energy is in different forms and each of them has their mode of formation and usage. And from what I know, I think the type of energy used during sex is the heat energy. Heat energy is that type of energy that is transferred from one body to another which stems from natural feeling without external constraints through bodily contact. And since our body contains heat energy, it can warm an object when it is held for a long time and can also make someone else warm when you hug them. And not only by giving a hug, but also during sexual intercourse. Have you ever had sex when you are cold and it seems like you are going to die from the cold? What was the outcome? Warmth I guess. And it looks like your partner has a burning fire inside of him or her which they deposited in you to melt the cold.

The desire for sex is the most powerful of human desires. When a man and a woman come together for the sole aim of having a good time with sexual intercourse,a good amount of energy is exchanged . When a man comes in contact with a woman sexually and he ejaculates,he releases a part of himself into the woman which she in turn recycles to either another human,bodily required nutrients or both.

It is not uncommon to see women clean up after sex because they do not want to get pregnant. But when she doesn’t,his energy stays inside of her and creates an unbreakable bond between the duo. Ever wonder why you are addicted to someone after having sex with them? Even those that have sex as a means of livelihood do have that one client they always want to hang out with because he possesses and gives that sexual strength that takes them to the point of optimum satisfaction .Even when a woman cleans up after an intercourse, the energy is received only that she doesn’t retain it in a large quantity. Though, she might not possess what a man can absorb in the physical sense of it, she gives him part of her own strength as well from the pleasure and satisfaction he derives from shagging her.

 It is an internal course that unites,joins or links a man to a woman in mind,body and soul; condom or no condom. Condom only protects against sexually transmitted infections,sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy but not against the oneness created from the exchange of energy most especially when it is with someone you into. It is a form of giving that comes from within.

With sex,you are opportune to acquire a part of the other person’s soul and if the sexual relationship is a long term one,you find yourself becoming like the person. I didn’t quite understand what it means when I hear people say that a husband and wife look alike and which I have noticed as well. Ever wondered too? Even a boyfriend and girlfriend that have been together for a good number of years and are sexually active.

The realization dawned on me as I am writing this that it is because of the process of giving and taking of energy in sexual intercourse. And it has been shown that couples with good sex life are bound to have successful and blissful marriage. That is why it is vital that you think deeply when choosing a long term sexual partner and ask yourself if you would want to have a semblance with them.

Research has shown that sex is a form of exercise, and a rigorous one at that because the whole body is involved.  It is an exchange of vibration. You know the way you feel after an exercise? Knocked out, numb and drained. But the coming back of the lost energy is always like the proverbial bull that reverses to the back during a fight. Not for the fear of its opponent, but to regain its strength. That is the way it works with sex. You sweat ,feel exhausted and numb after being intimate. You will often hear people say things like I was totally knocked out or my brain was fucked out yesterday. Men, most especially blanks out after a good sex and wake up refreshed and energized. But please note that sex can never and will never take the place of going to the gym,jogging,yoga,etc. They both serve their purposes.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

At the End of the Tunnel #6

 Continued from #5

 Hello,yummy readers! I am so sorry for putting up this episode late.It was due to issues beyond my control. Enjoy!

In her hand was a bucket full of water which she didn’t hesitate to empty on me the moment I opened the door. It would have been better if it was only water,but lo and behold,the water had been mixed with pepper. I instantly began to feel the heat all over my body. With my wet clothes,she dragged me to the sitting room where she set before me a table of different kind of flogging instruments. There was a cane,a koboko and a man’s belt. I was more surprised when she asked me to make a choice. And believe me you,none of those was better. I had tasted the three on several occasions and so couldn’t come up with an option on time.

“Well,it seems you are not ready to choose and that makes it my choice then.” she said when she noticed I was reluctant to come up with a choice.

I was beaten blue- black using the three. The beaten was so severe that it left several scars of different patterns on my body till today. Gboyega had twisted the story of what transpired between us. He had told their mother that I made an attempt to seduce and lure him into sleeping with me in the middle of the night when he slept off in the sitting room and in the process of freeing himself,I inflicted the cuts on him with the aid of a razaor blade. Tomilola also testified that she was woken up by her brother’s scream and that when she ran into the sitting room to see what happened,she met the two of us naked.

“So,you want to corrupt my children with your filthy lifestyle ,you Jezebel? If not that Gboyega was brought up in the way of the Lord,that is how you would have defiled him.”

I tried frantically to tell her that the reverse was the case. That Gboyega was the one who attacked and succeeded in raping me. I even told her that I was a virgin before the unfortunate occurrence.

“You ,a virgin? If you are,then nothing stops me from calling myself a virgin as well.Who knows the number of men that had slept with you in Ayetoro. Maybe that was why my brother was bent on sending you to live with me in Lagos so you won’t desecrate the town with your free for all v*g*n*.”

Several days after that left me wondering if it was true that I had been raped and lost my innocence. And this feeling of unbelief is often accompanied by shock whenever I came in contact with a male coupled with the fact that I feel very weak probably from the struggles of the night and the operation ‘no mercy’ beating that followed. I also found it difficult to sleep at nights. I have had to wake up in the middle of the night on several occasions at the exact time it happened that day. I tried on several occasions to give my v*g*n* extra washing maybe I would be able to wash myself clean and possibly return my innocence, but all were in vain. This angered me more anytime I remember that night and the awful treatment I received from my aunty after being lied upon. I saw myself as worthless.

The relationship between Gboyega and me grew from bad to worse on daily basis. I hated him enough to kill him if I had access to anything I could use. He knew this also and therefore kept his distance. He dared not come near me. I tried all I could to continue life as usual since there wasn’t enough time to brood over my misfortune. It was business as usual with the house chores.

And just when I thought I had overcome the trauma of being raped and decide to live like it never happened, the worst came knocking on my door. It was on a fateful Saturday morning and as usual ,I had woken up to begin work for the day. I think it was about two months after the unfortunate event. I was in the kitchen with Gboyega’s mother.

 We were preparing a meal of yam and fried egg. I had boiled the yam before she came into the kitchen to make the egg herself. I was in the process of slicing the onions when all of a sudden I started having this sensation of unease and discomfort that started from the upper part of my stomach. I didn’t give it much attention at first because the onion must not be delayed unless I was ready for another round of tongue-lashing.
I was about to hand the bowl containing the sliced onions to her when I felt the awful feeling crept up to my chest and in the twinkle of an eye,my throat. I felt a serious urge to vomit. And right there and then before my legs could respond to the message passed across by my brain, I had messed the whole kitchen floor with my vomit.

“What! Are you so daft that you cannot differentiate a kitchen from the bathroom? What nonsense is this? Iru omo wo ni e na? Abi iru ki le leyi ke laaro kutukutu?” I just stood there confused and lost.

“Se o de ni ko idoti e,ode? Only God knows what you ate that’s over reacting,onijekuje oshi.”

I quickly dashed out to pick the dustpan and broom to pack the mess after which I washed the floor with water.I couldn’t lay my hands on what could have caused the strange feeling. Was I going to be sick?

I was summoned by her later after breakfast.

“I hope it isn’t what I am thinking because if it were,you are leaving this house” she said the moment I stepped into the sitting room.

“Nigba wo lo ri nkan osu e gbeyin?” she asked.

 It was then I remembered that I hadn’t menstruated in the last month and I was long due in the current month.

“Two months ago, ma.” I replied oblivious of what she was trying to arrive at with her question.

“Two months ago? Let me see your eyeballs,” she commanded.

And I swiftly moved closer for her to look for whatever she wanted to see in my eyes. She proceeded to checking my palms. I was wondering what my vomiting has got to do with my palms and eyes.

Kpa kpa kpa! She clapped her hands three times. “I said it. Your promiscuity has finally landed you in trouble. Taa lo fun e loyun?” She asked me.

“Oyun bawo,mi o loyun ma,”I answered confusedly.
“I can see you don’t know what you have done. Mo ni taa lo fun e loyun? Abi se o dofe de be ni?”

 Mi o loyun ma,” I answered again,this time confidendly.

“How could I be pregnant? By the time I am through with you,you will know that I am not joking with you.”

Tomilola! Tomi….” she called out to her second child who answered her reluctantly from their room. She came out few minutes later and when she did,she was asked to go check if Mama Tayo was at home. Mama Tayo was her friend who worked as a nurse in one of the government hospitals. 
Oh,I didn’t tell you what Gboyega’s mother did for a living. She worked as a secretary in one of the government establishments.

Tomilola came back with the report that mama Tayo was at home.

“Shebi you said you’re not pregnant,abi? Mama Tayo will confirm that for us. Follow me”,she said as she made her way to the door.

We got to her friend’s house in no distant time. She was surprised to see me trailing behind her. And after the exchange of pleasantries,Mama Tayo finally voiced her confusion.

“Ore mi,se kosi to mu Bimbo dani ,abi igba wo lo di baby to n mu jade,”she asked. “Ore,omo yi ti loyun,”she said as she narrated how I had vomited in the morning and her discovery later.

“ Bimbo,is it true that you are pregnant,”she asked me gently.

“No ma,” I answered.

Mama Tayo was a nice woman who has never been in support of how her friend was treating me. I have slept in her house a couple of times when my aunty chased me out because I dodged her cane.

“But you mother said you are. Okay,no problem. I know what to do. Mama Gboyega,you can go home. I will handle this and revert back to you,”she said to her friend who wasn’t too pleased to leave but did eventually.

Mama Tayo asked me to sit beside her the moment her friend made her exit. “Bimbo,I know you are a good girl and I believe you know that I love so much.”

“Yes,I know ma,” I answered.

“I want to you to tell me the truth. Have you been with any man?”

 “Any man?” I repeated after her. “I mean if any man has touched you,” she quickly added when she sensed my confusion.

“Mummy,I still don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“You don’t?”

“Yes ma.”

“Okay,let me break it down. Has any man put his p*n*s in your v*g*n* before?”

She was yet to finish her question when I burst into tears.

“Bimbo,why are you crying? Is that an answer to the question I asked you?”

 I didn’t answer her,I just continue weeping.

“If you wouldn’t stop weeping and talk to me,I think I will have to send you back to your mother so she can handle it her way.”

 “No ma,I will talk to you,”I said as I dried my tears with the hem of my blouse.

“I’m listening.”

“It was only Gboyega,ma.”

 “Which of the Gboyegas?”

 “The same Gboyega.”

“What! You mean he slept with you?”

 “Yes ma,”I replied as I burst into fresh tears again.

“How did it happen and when,”she said as she drew me closer to herself and placed my head on her shoulder.

“Feel free to tell me everything and I promised to help talk to my friend.”

 So,I summoned courage and narrated the event of that day to her. She was actually the one burying her father in Ibadan on that day.

“Did you tell your mother about this?”

 “Yes I did,”I answered as I found myself telling her about the way she handled the matter.

“No,I can’t believe Mama Gboyega is this cruel. Then it is possible that you are pregnant,”she said as she stood up and went into her room.

She came back fully dressed and told me we were going to the hospital where she worked to have me tested for pregnancy because she wouldn’t want to do it at home as she still find the news unbelievable. 

The result of the test seemed to be taking too long to be announced.I was both restless and afraid and was silently praying that God wouldn’t allow it be true. What if it was true? What would I do? I am quite sure Gboyega’s mother would either kill me or leave an indelible mark of torture on me.

And when the result finally came out and we were invited into the doctor’s office.There,the doctor asked us to take our seats the moment we entered his office. But I chose to remain standing. “Bimbola,sit down”. That was Mama Tayo talking to me.

"Ma,I prefer to remain on my feet."

 “Is she your daughter?” The doctor asked while watching our little drama confusedly. 

“Yes,she is,”she answered.

“Mrs. Adeleke,he called her by her surname,I will implore you to take it easy with her. I perfectly understand how you will feel and may react at the realization that your daughter is pregnant.”

  “No problem,I will do as you have said.”

“The result shows that she’s about eight weeks pregnant. I will also advise that she register for antenatal immediately.”

 I didn’t really understand what they were saying but my fear was confirmed when Mama Tayo looked at me. I could see pity written all over her. That was when it occurred to me that I was truly pregnant. 

I could see my whole world crashing right before my eyes and this realization brought me down to the floor as my legs caved in under the weight of my body and I allowed the tears flow freely once again.

“ Bimbo,this is not good for you and the baby. You have to be strong enough to carry your pregnancy to terms,” the doctor advised oblivious of the damage he had done to my life with his announcement.

“Thank you,doctor.” Mama Tayo said as she took her carried her back ready to leave. She came to me and helped me to my feet.

“Everything’s going to be okay and you will be fine. I am here for you. I will talk to Mama Gboyega since it is the handiwork of her son. I pray God see us through.”

“I don’t want to go back home. She’s going to kill me because she still never believed that Gboyega raped me. Telling her about the pregnancy will surely infuriate her more and she can do anything to me.”

 “Don’t worry,leave everything to me.”

The journey back to our house took longer than it should or so I thought. We met Mama Gboyega sitting at the front of the house and one look at her suggested that she had obviously been waiting for our arrival. And the first thing she wanted to know was if I had been tested and confirmed pregnant.

“She’s pregnant,abi?” she asked her friend while eyeing me disgustingly. “Yes,she is but I would advise we go in and discuss,”she answered her as she made her way into the house while Mama Gboyega and myself towed behind her. I was still searching for a convenient place to sit even though I knew that would spur my aunty to anger. But I cared less. I needed to pity and relief my legs from carrying so many burdens. I was about to sit when she shouted at me.

“Will you go on your knees, ashewo? Her words sounded more like a question than a command and I felt like answering her that I wouldn’t go on my knees but I thought otherwise. So,I obeyed her. I haven’t even seen the bastard that put me in the situation.

Ahem,Mama Gboyega! That was Mama Tayo clearing her throat obviously to gain her attention.

“Bimbo is pregnant and I have asked her who put her in the family way….”

“Has she confessed to you? Mama Gboyega interrupted .

“Yes,she did and that is where there’s a problem”

“ What problem? There shouldn’t be any nah. She should just go and invite him here so we can ask him to take his wife home.”

Mama gboyega, did you know that Bimbo was raped by your son?”Asked Mama Tayo.

“Which son?” She asked feign ignorance.

“Gboyega of course or do you have any other son who’s old enough to have sex with a woman?” She asked angrily.

“Ngbo,Gboyega raped you. When and where?”

 I chose not to answer even though I knew the question was directed at me.

“Mama Gboyega,there’s no point in trying to cover what is already in the open. She had told me everything and the step you took when you found out. I never knew you could be so callous. How could you? And you call yourself a mother. This is not fair o. You brought her to Lagos so you and your son could ruin her life? I never knew you were this wicked. I wish I was never your friend.”

“Hey,hold it there! Who are you to talk to me like that as if I am your child? Did I ask for your friendship?  Even if I agree to the fact that Gboyega raped her, was she not the one that seduced him? If you don’t know what to say, please go back to your house. You have done what I wanted you to do which is to help confirm whether she’s pregnant or not,and that you’ve done. So, what I decide to do with the pregnancy or how I handle the matter is none of your business.”

“Really! I am now convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you are an animal in human clothing,”mama… said as she stood to her feet.

“You are an animal too,”Mama Gboyega said as she stood up too and walked towards her friend. I could see they were both fill with rage.

“Leave my house now,shameless woman. What right do you have to correct me,ehn? A pot calling the kettle black. Have you finished sleeping with all the men in Lagos? Ashewo! You are here claiming to be a saint when you’re the devil himself. Where did you get money to buy your car? Isn’t it from your numerous man friends? Who knows,maybe you killed your husband with your wayward life.”

“I can see you have finally gone mad. Me, kill my husband? And you who haven’t killed hers ,of what use is he? You call that vegetable of a man a husband when you’ve succeeded in changing his destiny? It is jealousy that will kill you. If you are so jealous of my achievements, why don’t you ask your man friends to buy you a car as well?”Oniranu.

“Me,jealous of you?” Mama Gboyega asked as she slapped her across the face. The slap was as loud as a clap and stung to her face. It had been an open-handed smack and it left a red welt behind. Just below her eye was a small cut where the ring on Mama Gboyega’s finger had caught her.She staggered backwards ,clutching her face ,eyes watering.

“You slapped me?” She asked as she regained her balance. She lurched forward and grabbed her by the throat.

“Yeh! Mo ku o!” Mama Gboyega screamed. I just stood there completely lost. Who would I have held back?

They continued trading words for words. The atmosphere was interestingly tensed that I thought they were going to tear each other apart. Mama gboyega had even removed her gele and tied it to her waist in readiness for fight. It took the intervention of the neighbours for them to separate before Mama Tayo finally left for her house.

To be continued.

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