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Amazing facts only women with big boobs will understand

Hey ladies! Are you a ‘big chested’ lady like me?  Hmmm! Only you can understand these amazing facts about having big boobs that I am about to share.

Big boobs are like colourful balloons: they are fun to look at and play with,but  once you have them,you realize that they are a lot of responsibilities . Virtually all ladies say they want them,but the ones who have them will always try to convince them otherwise. Guys love them too. The rate at which guys are crazy and swoon around women with big bust is no joke.  A guy once told me that they are an anti-death therapy when they are sucked.

 I know people find it difficult to believe how something so beautiful can be a great challenge. But hey,they truly are! Wait until you hear from us busty ladies why having big boobs isn’t really that great.

 Well,they are awesome and great in so many ways,but awful in so ‘so’ many others. 

Let me share these amazing facts only ladies with big boobs will understand.

    1. You can spend a whole day in a bra shop and still return home without buying any. And that itself is enough to send you into a download self-hate.

2. We are over selective in choosing our clothes. Button up shirts are a turn off for you because you will either have to buy beautiful one and hold the gape together with a safety pin or buy a size too big  that just looks like you were dashed by Goliath. 

3. Our sizes are mostly available only in unattractive colours. We are not after the sexiness of the bra when we go shopping. Our only concern is if it will give your girls the needed lifting and when we do find cute bras,they don’t fit right.

4.Your self –esteem as a lady with a big bust suffers a great deal because you often hear heart wrenching comments most especially from guys when you are in public.

5.We become embarrassed when guys stare endlessly at us.

6.You wish you can have a breast reduction and may even save towards getting it done.

7.You surf the internet looking for natural ways to reduce your cup size without going under the surgeon’s knife.

8.Wearing two or more bras is no big deal for you while going out and during exercise as long as you have the desired lifting. Yet, that isn’t enough to hide your twins.

9.Pregnancy and motherhood 'scare' you because of how big they are likely going to become.

10. You’ve at least once cried and even blamed God for giving you such an enormous task in the form of boobs in the fitting room and in your room while dressing up. 

11.You resent hugging people because you know they will definitely feel your boobs pressed against them and if the receiver is a male,you already know what is going on inside of him. He’s probably thinking of sucking them dry. So,you would rather not hug them or go for a side hug.

12. You wish your boobs are perky. But let me burst your bubbles,big boobs cannot be perky except they are FAKE.

    13.The first thing you want to get rid from your body at the end of a day is your bra. The relief it brings is second to none.

    14.Your bras are four times the price of other bras. You are the ‘big girl’, you can do shakara.
    15.They become our main identifier. When someone can’t remember if they met us or not,people say, “you don’t know Dorcas,the one with the big boobs? And the other person will be like, Oh,poor me! I remember I have met her”.

  16.Strapless bras do not work for us. They make our boobs look like a mountain moulds.

   17. Boob sweat is another big challenge for us.

   18.People often ask stupid questions about our boobs. 
         Questions like: “Does every girl in your family have big boobs? Are they heavy? No, they are as light as a piece of paper.  Are they real? No, they are not. I folded some clothes and put them in a bra. Mtchwww!”
   19.We have to hold them while running and any kind of physical activity cause detrimental damage.We feel safer that way.

So, be sure you can cope with all the aforementioned before you wish to be on the big cup size category. And for our men,now you know what your lady go through for having those fountain of pleasure you are so crazy about.

This list is not explicit. If you are a Miss Endowed like me, feel free to add yours in the comment box.

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Amazing facts only women with big boobs will understand

Hey ladies! Are you a ‘big chested’ lady like me?   Hmmm! Only you can understand these amazing facts about having big boobs th...