Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Sacredness of Sex


I love good sex and I believe you do too. It is my unreserved pleasure to welcome you on board all ye sexy peeps as we all go on the journey of discussing sexual intercourse in the true sense of it without mincing words. Here ,we will be at liberty to share experiences,fears and fantasies about sex without the fear of being judged. I am imploring us all to feel free to talk about  it. We go dey talk am as e be.i welcome you again to sex lounge on #sexified

  There may be something better than sex,and there may be some things worse. But there’s nothing like it,says W. C Fields. The subject of sex is no news. In fact, we have heard way too much about it. It is a language spoken and understood in all the countries of the world. Sex knows no race,culture or colour of the body. It is what we all have found ourselves craved for at one point in time. Sex is that one thing that the knowledge of it leads to fulfillment. The more you know about sex,the more you can and will enjoy it.

In a true relationship,sex is guided more by the desires of each partner. And when both partners give themselves in complete surrender to the other, it will be the expression and fulfillment of total love and an act of unconditional giving.
Now let’s start our yummy ride with this acronym for sex I stumbled upon on the internet. We start with the letter ‘S’ and the word 'sacred' is our pick.

The sacredness of sex
 The dictionary defines sacred as a process of dedicating or to set something apart for the service or worship of a deity. In other words,when something is sacred,it means it is entitled to reverence and respect. Such thing is accorded value and importance.       
It is hallowed,sacrosanct,pure,protected,revered,honourable,reputable,esteemed and noble. 
 Sex is sacred because of its role in bonding. It affords two people the opportunity to become one. Mutually satisfying sexual exchanges naturally intensify bonding as it opens the heart to receive what the other person has to offer. It is the celebration of oneness. The sacredness of sex brings about oneness and healing. We all as humans have the innate need for peak experiences of bliss,merging and ecstasy. And when we access that state of wholeness through sex,we can really say that sex can be worshiped and that worship can be erotic.

Just like worship brings us close to the one being worshipped,sex brings us closer to the one we give ourselves to. And as we all know that suppressing the desire to eat results in starvation, so also is an attempt to repress our sexual nature destroys our body,mind and soul. It is the food for the soul.

I am sexified. Are you?

Please feel free to come up with your own acronym.
Your comment is equally important.
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  1. Is this site 18+? WHy this image?

    1. Thank you xoxo much for your observation. And to answer your question, this site is not a porn site and that is why we have a couple of categories to cater for everyone. However,sexified is not to promote sexual immoralities and that is why I will make sure that no ill comment is posted here. It is to pass knowledge and to correct misconceptions.A disclaimer will be put up in the subsequent posts. Thank you,God bless you and I love you.


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