Monday, 22 May 2017

Rock Your World

I remember when I was growing up and even up till my secondary school days that people will taunt me by calling me all kinds of name, ranging from ojuyobo, eyes kongba to oloju rangandan during a fight or scolding even from my immediate family members (all thanks to the Fuji Icon,King Wasiu Ayinde for those words in the lyrics of one of his songs. Those of us that have been here in the world for a while will remember the song. “The solo makinde thingy”

I remember how I would swiftly withdraw into my shell never to come out for many hours whenever I was being taunted, and all because of what? My big eye balls. People made it look like it was abnormal for me to have them. I was subjected to self pity and low self-esteem. I think I once or twice asked God why He gave me the size he could have shared among two or more people. Starring into people’s eyes was something I dared not try so as to avoid derogatory statements from them. How I hate those eye balls back then.

Fast forward to when I got admitted into the university ,that was when the story changed but not immediately sha o. You know that kind of thing, meeting new people and they were like, wow, you’ve got wonderful eyes. Your eyes are sexy. Oginni sexy? They would go on to tell me, especially guys how those eyes of mine can attract and seduce the meanest man on earth and have him bow at my feet. They term it oloju wase wase ,otherwise known as oloju come and do(some people still call me that,though).

I was again thrown into a world of fear and extreme caution so that my eyes do not land me in trouble. Making eye contact with men was difficult because I was sore afraid they would think I was seducing them to go into bed with me even when I didn’t know what the bed looked like. I couldn’t even say which was better, the ojuyobo era or the Miss Oloju come and do.

But you know what, I have grown and accepted those eyes as the most beautiful pair anyone can have. They are not even bulgy any more, are they? I no longer bother about their size. Maybe it’s because they are like that that makes it easier for me to be able to read the tiniest writing with the dimmest light because when it comes to reading, no try me o. I fit even read for inside darkness­čśĆ

I have come to realize that God makes no mistake. During creation, he gives everyone the right size of body parts that will complement one another to make the person beautiful or handsome. I tell myself that God knows that having small eye balls will not fit my face and so is every part of my body. There is a   reason for them being in the sizes they are.

The big nyash you crave so much for is a burden to some other person. Do you know that the killer boobs you can do anything to possess is a headache to some women because getting the right fit of bras is a herculean task?  Do you know that good men are tired of seeing fake fair skin that you think will attract men to you and which makes you bleach at the expense of your health? All because you think fair complexioned ladies that are more beautiful than the dark skinned. With due apologies to all the 'oyinbo pepe', most fair complexioned ladies are not really beautiful in the true sense of it. Have you tried picturing a fair complexioned lady a dark skinned and vice – versa including yourself?  How does she look like? What do you look like? They are just flashy like bright coloured clothes. So, why do you want to kill yourself over what will not fit you?

Ever since I came to terms with the truth, my life has become better. I am freer than the freedom itself. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free( John 8:32). Do you know what I do? I spend more money on my body parts that people talk about the more.  Please embrace the truth about yourself today especially the ones you can do virtually nothing about. Leave them the way they are. Cherish them. Beautify them. Flaunt them. Adore the you in You. You are the only version of you. If anyone finds it difficult to accept that version, it is their loss, not yours. They can’t find your kind elsewhere. No other you. Stop trying to be what you cannot and will never be because you want acceptance. Your life is yours, not theirs. So, stop living for them. Live for you and you only. People will rock you the way you rock yourself.
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