Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Mistake is Yours.

God makes no mistake. He wasn't having a bad day when he created you.

God makes no mistake, he didn't give you what he gave you because he wants to punish you.

God makes no mistake. He placed you where you are for a purpose.

God makes no mistake. He acts on the instructions you give Him.

He does only what you want Him to do with you and for you because He is not a slave driver.

God makes no mistake. But our mistakes sometimes which come as a result of our impatience, greed, lack of satisfaction and pride have often make us question why certain things happen to us while he is 'having a good time' up there with little or no action from His end to rescue us from our self inflicted pains. And even when he tries to make us realize our folly, we see ourselves as the perfect and unblemished being. And what do you think will be His reaction? Beg you to accept His insight and corrections? Of course not. We need Him for Him to need us.

We are mostly blind to 'see' the corrections because it's not from an angel. Would you have waited to see what the angel looks like if the corrections or leading were sent through Him?

It is our pride and insensitivity that blindfold us from seeing that unrecognized messenger. And sometimes when we do recognize them, we see them as unworthy message bearer because they are nothing to be compared to our status or because we are too familiar with them to accept such messages from them.

Many of us are quick to haul blames on others or see them as the brain behind their predicaments.God Himself isn't left behind in the 'blame shifting business'. Innocent people have suffered for the problems of others and many are still suffering when in actual fact, we are the master planner and executioner of our problems.Ask yourself, if you were to be punished for the mistakes you've made in your life because you refused to be led and tutored, what will your punishment looks like? Are your problems not self - induced?It is high time we starting being responsible for the choices we make in life. Some people could have influenced your decisions, but you also have the choice to turn them down. Nobody has a right over your life, it is solely yours. But when we refuse to take the right decisions or follow the obvious right paths, others will hijack that right and drive our whole being ruthlessly.

 Many of us do not learn from the mistakes of others. Many would rather have a swell time analyzing, criticizing and judging others who have found themselves in one challenge or the other than falling into the same pit.

Face the realities of life. Check yourself. Identify your mistakes. Make an attempt to correct them. Be willing and humble to take to corrections. Apply them to your life. Get the results. Enjoy the results. Make an attempt not to make the same mistakes again. And be responsible for whatever choice you make in life. Stop dragging others into your mess.

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