Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pirated Copy

Eyin temi, how far nah? I know ya wondering what this post is all about. Ok o, it is about some people like that o, that has turned themselves to copy copy, copy cat. You know them abi? Hope ya not one of them sha, and even if you are, no be say I wan yab you o. I just wan make we talk small. Oya leggo.

Sometimes, I just want to be like someone I admire, but I keep on telling myself "Busayo, if you become that person, how will you become yourself ? "

I have people who can be referred to as role models, and I really want to take after them. But if I should take after or take on their forms, what about my own identity? Isn't that what they call impersonation? And that's a criminal offence, yeah?

The success of those I admire drives me. But I don't want their success, I want my own.

I have seen many people; on-air-personalities,musicians, etc talk or sing like Presenter A or Musician D. They do stuffs in the exact way he or she does. And the question that comes to my mind whenever I come across such people is "why will these people be pirated copies when they can actually be the original? " Why would you conceal yourself while promoting someone else? Abi you don't know that it is that person they will be hearing from your voice? And they will say "he talks or sings like lagbaja ".

Are you guilty of this? It is good to have role models or someone you look up to. And I understand how you struggle just to be like them. And you sometimes feel like or see yourself as a failure just because you seem not to be anywhere close to them. Dear, let me ask you, what if this person you are struggling to become like didn't discover him/herself, what would you have wanted to imitate?

Role models are fantastic. They give us aspirations and dreams. But it is also very important that we don't get high on their images and forget to create one for ourselves. It is okay to take cues from them. It is cool to hear their stories. It is awesome to be challenged by their success. But hey, don't lose yourself while doing that. You too can be the shining light. Let your purpose guide and drive you to become what you should become. Create your own success story.

The truth is that nobody will ever stand out if we are all trying to look like someone else. And imitating someone is tantamount to limiting yourself.

Get it right now. Discover the You in you. Find your identity. Don't settle for less when you can be more. Find the path that leads to your destination because treading on another's will only lead to no where and a waste of valuable time that you would have used to become the real you. It is okay to be different, we can't all be one person. CHEERS

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