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This blog is a media web that offers a free media contents to over thousands of people globally.

It is a great decision you have chosen to promote your products or services using our powerful advertising tools. Our ads space which is our advertising tool is capable to project your products and services  to over thousands visitors across Nigeria and outside. In fact, the ads we deliver are targeted ads which will give the chances of clicks and conversion rate to your ads. Our content is 100% centred on any business. However, the ads that will be allowed should be attractive related ads- as it is our aim to deliver targeted ads to our audience which will be able to solve our audience problem, even without reading our post contents.

How to place ads
Placing your ads on our page is more easier, almost 80% of the job is done by us. What you need to do is to hire or get any graphics designer to help you design a banner that will describe what your product is all about. Then, forward your banner to us using any of the these platforms :
1. Email:
2. Whatsapp: +2347037066223
Immediately your banner gets to us ,we will intimate you on how to make payment depending on your location. After your payment, you will give us your landing page where you want visitors to go after they click your banner ads.

Your ads position 
There are two ads positions where you can place your ads, the top bar and the side bar. The banner size allowed for the top bar can be either 728 * 90 or 468 * 320 and for side bar ads,only 468 * 320 banner size is allowed.

Sponsored post
We also offer a powerful sponsored post for your  products and services. Our experienced writers are capable of writing articles that will attract thousands of readers to your products. The sponsored post will also appear on the major search engine 'Google, Yahoo and Bing' not only that, the sponsored post appear on the major social network 'Facebook, Twitter and Google+.However, this sponsored post will keep fetching you customers as long as they appear on our web.

Ads pricing
The pricing for our daily, weekly and monthly ads placement depends on the impression we deliver daily. We deliver more than 2,000 impressions to your agro products or services per day.

For top bar placement — Leaderboard
Daily: N512.36
Weekly: N3,580
Monthly: N14,340

Side bar placement — Mobile or Skyscraper
Daily: N612.36
Weekly: N4,200
Monthly: N17,140

Sponsored post
Your sponsored post is the article that we write about your product and which is published on our web. We charge sponsored post on the amount of words that we publish, however, we charge N100 per 100 words.

Moreover, the pricing for the sponsored post depends on the amount of words you want us to write about your product.

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